Please contact us to set up a private viewing of Aron's artwork
at Silverthorn Studios, Toronto.

Was a smashing success! Read all about it here!

June 10th & 11th, 2017
1 PM - 6 PM
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82-year old visual artist & actor Aron Tager, perhaps most known for playing Dr. Vink on 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' along with countless other parts in feature films, television and theater, is delighted to be presenting a meet and greet, art sale and career retrospective. This event will be an art collectors paradise, with selections from his 3000+ pieces on display and ready for sale.

Discover and collect work by a living legend whose work will one day be in the finest museums. Aron will be attending the event with his longtime partner, esteemed actress and dancer Ann Page, and both will be available for photographs, conversation, and autographs.

Ticket prices are $10, covering the curation of the event, a performance by music duo Taylor & Bryn, and complimentary food and drink.

If you live outside Ontario, we recommend exploring his work through our online store.
Discover Aron's full list of past and present events on facebook here.