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At 82, Aron Tager maintains the wit, brilliance and charm that has provided him with a remarkable life in the arts. From his early days on stage rubbing shoulders with legends, to feisty TV & film roles that have earned him worldwide admiration - all the while, producing visual art that his peers would argue is some of the finest of the last half century. More would argue the same if they had the pleasure of visiting (and inevitably befriending) him, but in the spirit of a true artist, Aron has been so prolific he has seldom bothered to pursue the sale or visibility of his works. But now, as Aron enters his twilight years, he has had a change of heart, and is ready to offer his work to the world.

Trained in the 1950’s as a theatre performer at the Institute For the Advanced Study Of Theatre Arts in New York City, Tager eventually took a 25-year hiatus to focus solely on art, particularly painting and sculpture, before returning to acting in the early 1990s.

Tager has appeared in a variety of theatrical, television and film productions, and has had parts in the feature films Goon, X-Men, Rocky Marciano, Serendipity, Murder at 1600, 10,000 Black Men Named George, A Holiday Romance, and The Salem Witch Trials.

Adored by twenty-somethings who grew up watching his various roles in Nickelodeon’s classic ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark?’, he has also appeared in countless television series & TV movies including Rick Mercer Report, Heroes Reborn, Hard Rock Medical, The Stanley Dynamic, At the Hotel, Kojak, Puppets Who Kill, Monk, Goosebumps, Wild Card, Sirens, Earth: Final Conflict, Lil' Bush, Psi Factor, Due South, Wonderfalls, Blue Murder, Relic Hunter, The Zack Files, A Nero Wolfe Mystery, Billable Hours, and many many more.

Tager also appears in television commercials and has been an incredibly in-demand voice actor, with distinctive roles in Donkey Kong Country, Blazing Dragons, Adventures of the Little Mermaid, Silver Surfer, Jane and the Dragon, Sam and Max, Ned's Newt, Rescue Heroes, Time Warp Trio, Grossology, Anatole, Flash Gordon, Freaky Stories, My Dad The Rock Star, Bad Dog, George Shrinks, The Dating Guy, Maya the Bee, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Gulliver's Travels, Young Robin Hood, George Shrinks, Adventures of Peter Pan, Chip and Charlie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Wayside and many more.

As a visual artist, Tager has worked in a variety of mediums over the decades including pottery, scrafitto painting, granite sculpture, wire-mesh sculpture, sketch, canvas painting, and mixed media. Before recently downsizing, Aron lived in a charming 3-story Toronto home with his lifetime of work exploding from every nook and cranny - filing cabinets, walls, shelves, coffee canisters, ceiling fixtures, elephantine lawn ornaments - thousands of pieces that are now being collated, collected, photographed & safely stored for preservation.

Tager has had numerous exhibitions of his work and was conscripted to create large granite sculptures for many American public schools, & the Indianapolis Jewish Center. He has earned a number of accolades for his work, including the Gold Key at the National Scholastic Art Competition in 1950, the 1975 Award and Medal at the Norwich University Art Show for "Best Sculpture", and "Most Popular Work in Show," at the Boston Festival of the Arts, 1985. However, those scattered accomplishments are but a faint foreshadow of the recognition and impact his often secluded work will have in the years to come.

Aron lives with his wife of 30+ years (Esteemed dancer, actress & instructor Ann Page), a woman as voraciously in love with art as he, whom he co-founded many long-running drama Montreal drama schools with, and met whilst she played a ghost in a local production. Aron is also the playwright of the absurdist 70’s stageplay, ‘The Fire Eaters’.

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